Timeline and Updates


Preparation is completed, proof of concept and design is in progress, and pilot projects and first market are upcoming activities 

Over several phases in the coming years, RetrofitNY will catalyze the market for energy-efficient building renovations that approach or achieve net-zero energy use. But the time to get involved is now. We’re busy engaging property owners to generate demand and actors across the design and building industry to innovate and develop high-performance retrofit designs.

If you’re interested in participating, contact us for more information.


Pilot Project Round 1 Final Reports – Successes and Challenges

As a first step in scaling cost effective net zero retrofits, RetrofitNY awarded six design-build teams across New York State funding to design a high-performance retrofit solution for a multifamily affordable property. The final team reports highlight the solutions they developed to advance toward net zero retrofits in today’s market, as well as the challenges to overcome to retrofit our residential building stock at scale.

The teams worked closely with the building owner to design solutions – approaching net-zero energy levels of performance - using products and technologies available in the current market. These innovative solutions demonstrated the feasibility of high-performance retrofits for the most prevalent types of multifamily residential buildings in the State and provide an important baseline on the current state of the U.S. market. Based on the learnings from these six pilot designs, the RetrofitNY team is engaging with industry stakeholders to reduce cost and streamline processes to facilitate cost effective net zero retrofits.

SUNY Residence Hall ZNE Pilot

DASNY, SUNY, and NYSERDA recently announced an upcoming RFQ to retrofit a residence hall to zero net energy performance. To learn more about this exciting opportunity, watch the webinar on the DASNY websiteLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.. If you would like to assemble a solution provider team or join an existing team, sign up to the RetrofitNY teaming list. For more information, visit our Getting Involved page.

2018 Team Awards

The winning teams for the first pilot round were awarded on June 27, 2018. The design/build teams are:

  • The International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology (ICAST): working with Beacon Communities on a two-story, six-unit building that is part of a six-building campus in Troy.
  • The Levy Partnership: working with Joint Ownership Entity (JOE) NYC on a six-story, 21-unit building in Harlem.
  • Bright Power: working with Volmar on a five-story, 42-unit building in the Bronx.
  • SWBR Architects: working with Conifer Real Estate on a two-story, 24-unit building in Portville in the Western NY Region.
  • King + King Architects: working with Rock PMC on a two-story, eight-unit building in Phoenix outside Syracuse that is part of a five-building campus.
  • Chris Benedict, RA: working with RiseBoro Community Partnership on a four-story, 46-unit building in Brooklyn.

Access our list of all qualified solution provider teams.

Access our list of interested building owners.

RetrofitNY Design Workshops

Net Zero Retrofit Tech Forum

Experts from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) joined RetrofitNY to share their knowledge on state of the art technology for building retrofits to our RetrofitNY project teams and stakeholders on July 11, 2018.

NREL's buildings research teams lead efforts in developing cutting-edge technical solutions to improve the energy efficiency of both residential and commercial buildings, and to accelerate the integration of renewable energy technologies with buildings.

To receive a link to the recorded webinar, email us at RetrofitNY@nyserda.ny.gov.


RetrofitNY Webinar - Energiesprong Field Study & NY Model Solution

The Energiesprong initiative in the Netherlands has produced impressive solutions to take existing buildings to a net zero energy level of performance. Over the last few years the program has managed to reduce initial costs around 60% to catalyze a self-sustaining market for net zero retrofits.

RetrofitNY presented an interactive webinar for its awarded project teams on July 17, 2018. Ian Shapiro of Taitem Engineering reported on his Netherlands-based study[PDF] of the Energiesprong program. Simon Verduijn of the Energiesprong Foundation presented a model solution on a New York building and addressed specific design challenges. Simon also spoke about Energiesprong’s successes and mistakes in mobilizing projects, working with tenants, and technical challenges.

To receive a link to the recorded webinar, email us at RetrofitNY@nyserda.ny.gov.