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How the Program Works

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Ready to improve your property value and lower operational costs? Participating in NYSERDA’s Multifamily Performance Program (MPP) is straightforward and follows five simple steps.


Select an expert. Hire a NYSERDA-qualified Multifamily Building Solutions Provider.

Obtain an assessment. Your Provider performs an on-site energy assessment of your property and develops a scope of work to reach at least 15% energy savings, then you decide which upgrades to invest in.

Approve your scope of work. NYSERDA will review the scope and work with your Provider to ensure feasibility of recommended upgrades, verify projected energy savings, and confirm the incentives your project is eligible to receive.

Earn your construction incentive. Your Provider will work with you on the installation of the scope. NYSERDA will confirm the upgrades are properly installed so that they will reduce your energy costs and you can receive the incentive.

Earn your performance incentive. 12 months after upgrades are installed, NYSERDA will verify the energy savings and pay the incentive if at least 15% energy savings are achieved.

Get Started

NYSERDA partners with solution providers who are trained and qualified to deliver the highest-quality energy efficiency services for your property. Our providers offer experienced advice and will guide you through each step of identifying and implementing energy-saving upgrades. Get started by choosing a NYSERDA-qualified provider.

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