Local Governments

Lead by example. Reduce your environmental impact.

Take the steps to conserve energy and improve the environment and your budget.

Small steps go a long way

Nearly one-third of the energy used to run typical government buildings can be conserved. Reducing energy consumption allows you to spend money on other critical things in your community.

Improve your fleet

vehicle at a charging station
Switching to vehicles that use biofuel or are more fuel-efficient can save you money. Alternative fuel vehicles improve the environment by reducing vehicle emissions, while lessening the dependence on imported petroleum.

Solar made easy

solar panels
Going solar reduces greenhouse gases and builds a sustainable community. However, the codes and permit process for solar installation in your locality can be challenging. Make the process easier for your staff and residents by getting the training to accelerate solar installations and streamline permitting.

Challenge Your Community to Get Cost-Effective, Comfortable, and Clean Technology

Looking to lower operating costs? Start with your building’s heating and cooling bills and sign up for the Geothermal Clean Energy Challenge!

See It in Action


Energy savings of close to $150,000 annually with efficiency upgrades at new county jail

Through cost-effective improvements identified for the construction of the St. Lawrence County Jail in Canton, the building and its systems reduced its energy consumption, decreased demands on the power system and increase occupant comfort. Many measures were taken to save almost $148,000 annually in energy costs.