Offshore wind is still in its early stages in the U.S., poised to imminently develop at large scales across the Northeast. However, the technology has been used for decades in northern Europe. As the pipeline of U.S. projects continues to grow, the supply chain that is currently grounded in Europe will incrementally grow in the local region. New York companies are in an ideal position to capitalize on the economic opportunities offered by this shift.

Not only are New York’s strengths in workforce, port infrastructure, and vessel services easily transferrable to the offshore wind industry, but, as a global leader in building other large-scale infrastructure, the State also has deep and equally transferable expertise in manufacturing. New York recognizes that networking and partnerships are critical in ensuring the economic benefits of offshore wind grow and remain within the State.

To that end, the State is developing the New York Offshore Wind Supply Chain Database of local companies working in the industry. The database will facilitate in-state partnerships and attract international leaders across the offshore wind supply chain to New York companies.