Submetering for Multifamily Buildings

Submetering allows building owners and managers to convert master-metered residential buildings into individually submetered units, giving residents more visibility and control of their own energy usage. The result is lower energy costs and higher resident satisfaction.


Converting to submetering can:

  • Reduce annual energy use and increase profitability
  • Improve resident satisfaction and control of individual energy use
  • Boost efficiency, safety, and comfort in the building
  • Increase long-term property value
  • Allow for participation in demand response or cogeneration

Considerations for Direct-Metered Buildings and New Construction

In a direct-metered building, the electric utility bills each unit directly for electricity used. Direct-metered buildings must convert to submetering if the building owners want to participate in a demand response program or if the building owners want to install an on-site-cogeneration plant. Demand response and cogeneration are only feasible in submetered buildings.

For a developer constructing a new building, installing submetering rather than direct-metering may be more cost-effective.

Learn More

Read how other buildings have converted and understand the regulations are before you start:

  • View case studies to learn about how other buildings have successfully converted from master metering to submetering 

Get Started

Use NYSERDA’s Submetering Resource List [PDF] to find an installer and get information, services, and quotes.