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What is the Commercial Tenant Program?

NYSERDA’s Commercial Tenant Program supports tenants, landlords, and industry consultants in improving interior office and leased spaces through thoughtful design, proactive maintenance and operations, and actionable plans to reduce energy consumption over the life of a lease. The program covers up to 100% of the consultant’s eligible professional service fees.

Because tenants typically consume more than 50% of a commercial office building’s energy, leased spaces represent a substantial opportunity to improve energy efficiency throughout New York State. The opportunities for energy efficiency are vast and can be found at every step of the leasing cycle: from space selection and goal setting, to design and construction, occupancy and operations.

NYSERDA can help at any point in the leasing cycle.

NYSERDA helps cover the cost of engaging qualified consultants to identify energy saving opportunities and to plan the implementation of energy efficiency measures in leased office spaces.

  • Tenants can engage consultants to lower energy costs— while improving wellness and comfort for their employees— at any point during the leasing cycle: while selecting a space, while designing or renovating a space, or during occupancy.
  • Building owners and managers can engage consultants to improve tenant energy use and, in turn, reduce energy use at the building master meter. Opportunities to improve energy consumption are boundless and vary in nature (from improved fit-out design, to tenant engagement initiatives)

The phases of the commercial office leasing process are planning, selection, design, construction, and Occupancy. The biggest potential for savings occurs when you consider energy efficiency options during the planning, selection, and design phases.

How does the program work?

The program is simple, and responsive, and we are available to help along the way. The consultant will do most of the work, but the tenant/landlord has complete control over the scope of work and information (content and presentation) needed to make decisions. NYSERDA issues payment directly to the consultant, reducing out-of-pocket expense.

What spaces are eligible?

The program is open to landlords and tenants that own, operate, or occupy leased spaces.

Eligible spaces should be leased or vacant pending lease and be located in a commercial building that pays into the New York State System Benefits Charge (SBC). Owner-occupied spaces are not eligible.

NYSERDA is interested in innovative approaches to integrating energy efficiency in commercial tenant spaces. If you manage a portfolio or have ideas for energy efficiency projects in tenant spaces, contact us to discuss how we can support you.

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