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Commercial Tenant Program

Imagine an office where employees can customize the temperature and lighting to suit their needs while saving energy. Or having the building power up in the morning as people arrive to work, avoiding an entire night of wasted heat and power.

These high performing office spaces exist, and have benefits such as lower energy use and reduced operating costs. Building owners, managers, and tenants can capitalize on these customizable, more comfortable office spaces with the use of energy modeling software to determine the impact on energy consumption.

The Commercial Tenant Program shares the cost of energy modeling. NYSERDA has made $5.75 million available for New York State commercial building owners, managers, tenants, and the architects and engineers that they work with to use energy modeling to develop high performing working environments. You can find application materials and complete eligibility requirements for owners and managers, tenants, and architecture and engineering firms at the bottom of this page.

Building Owners and Managers

Owners and managers of commercial office buildings in New York State can apply to share costs with NYSERDA if they are interested in providing energy efficient spaces to their existing and/or future tenants. They must pay the System Benefits Charge on their electric bill to be eligible. They must also work with an architecture or engineering firm with experience in energy modeling. The firms will develop an energy model with recommended improvements and financial analysis for efficient, high performing office spaces that owners and managers can present to incoming or prospective tenants. NYSERDA will pay 50% of the cost of developing these designs from the onset.

Alternatively, owners and managers can hire an architecture or engineering firm that has already worked with one of their tenants through this program. The firm will modify the tenant-specific energy efficiency recommendations for use in other office spaces throughout the building. Owners and managers can use these designs during future lease negotiations and fit-outs. NYSERDA will pay 100% of the cost of modifying these designs. This will eliminate the need for additional tenant-specific energy modeling in the building.


To be eligible for cost-sharing, tenants must currently lease or be in the process of negotiating a lease for office space in a commercial building in New York State. Tenants, or their building’s owner, must also pay the System Benefits Charge on their electric bill.

Tenants applying to the program must identify an architecture or engineering firm with experience in energy modeling and that meets NYSERDA’s other requirements. NYSERDA will then share up to half of the costs of using energy modeling to inform energy efficiency recommendations.

Later, the approved firm may work with the building owner and/or manager to present high performing office space options to other tenants in the same building.

Architects and Engineers

Architecture and engineering firms with experience in energy modeling can benefit from this program as well. They may potentially add a new revenue stream by entering the growing market for designing high performing office spaces.

Interested firms must have at least one staff member trained in energy modeling. Firms must also be under contract with tenants or building owners seeking more control and comfort in their office spaces. The percentage of costs shared depends on whether a firm works with tenants, building owners and managers, or both.

How to Apply

Before applying to the Commercial Tenant Program you will need to register to use NYSERDA’s application portal with your company’s address and your contact information. You will validate your email and address and be issued a username upon NYSERDA approval. Once you are a registered user you can submit the application and all required documents. The system will also allow your appointed contacts and signatories to access the application and electronically sign.

Registration for the application portal

Returning users that have usernames and passwords can submit applications through the application portal.

Applications also may be submitted via email to, or by mail to the following address:

Commercial Tenant Program
17 Columbia Circle
Albany, NY 12203


Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, dependent on funding availability, through July 31, 2019.


Email if you have questions about the application or if you have general questions about high performing office spaces.

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