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Commercial Tenant Program

Many businesses want to lower their energy costs but are not sure how, or how much, to invest in improving energy efficiency and performance. NYSERDA’s Commercial Tenant program significantly reduces or eliminates the cost of identifying energy performance improvements in leased office spaces. The program also provides information to help build the business case for energy efficiency and performance improvements.

How the Program Works

Participants in the program can follow one of two tracks. Each track provides information on reducing energy costs and improving energy and environmental performance of a leased office space. The track chosen will depend on the existing conditions in the space and the participant’s goals.

High Performance Track

This track provides participants a comprehensive energy efficiency package for their leased office space. This package consists of:

  • A tailored energy analysis, known as an energy model
  • A list of recommended energy efficiency and optimization measures
  • A detailed financial analysis supporting the recommendations
  • Incremental cost impacts, energy savings over the length of the lease, and the other, non-energy benefits associated with the recommendations

This track is best suited for tenants who are interested in taking a comprehensive, holistic approach to their entire space, including equipment, control, and design options.

Basic Track

This approach consists of a basic energy efficiency assessment that will identify energy-saving opportunities, benchmarking, goal setting and other relevant activities needed to help the tenant decide and plan for the energy efficiency improvement process.

This track is best suited for tenants who are interested in gaining a general understanding about their energy efficiency status and in identifying ways to improve their energy and environmental performance.

Help from Experts

Architects, engineers, energy consultants and other third-party service providers can use a variety of tools to identify energy savings opportunities, from comprehensive energy modeling to a simple walk-through audit, depending on the needs of the tenant and space. This program offers to share the costs for a qualified architect or engineer to provide the services outlined above. See the Commercial Tenant program solicitation for more information.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions [PDF] about the Commercial Tenant Program


The program provides thorough technical and financial recommendations to improve a leased office space’s energy performance.

Tenants who follow the recommendation provided by the Commercial Tenant program can:

  • Design workspaces that meet their specific needs
  • Achieve a competitive edge when it comes to attracting and retaining talent
  • Increase the comfort and productivity of their employees
  • Obtain recognition for leadership in energy efficiency
  • Realize energy bill savings

Landlords who follow the recommendation provided by the Commercial Tenant program can:

  • Increase the overall performance of a building, positioning it as an attractive, energy efficient asset that appeals to high quality, long-term, sophisticated tenants
  • Experience lower operating costs and, potentially, increased asset value

Architects, engineers, energy consultants, and other third-party service providers can distinguish themselves by offering services that can lead to lower energy costs for their clients.


High Performance Track: Provides up to 100 percent of funding for the development of the energy efficiency package, capped at $50,000.

Basic Track: Provides up to 100 percent of the cost to conduct a basic energy assessment of the tenant space, capped at $5,000 per tenant space.


This program is open to all commercial office tenants and landlords in New York State at any stage of leasing. The program encourages tenants, landlords, and their consultants to work collaboratively to enhance the overall energy and environmental performance of commercial buildings in New York State. Tenants, or their building’s owner, must also pay the System Benefits Charge on their electric bill.

Application Process

To apply to the Commercial Tenant Program, submit a Commercial Tenant Program Application [PDF] to

Program staff can provide guidance and assistance with additional required documentation including:

For returning applicants who have met the requirements for a 100% cost-share and wish to apply for the additional incentive, please submit Attachment F (Request for disbursement of 100% cost-share) to

Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, dependent on funding availability, through July 31, 2019.