Distributed Energy Resources and On-Site Power Generation

Produce Your Own Clean Power

Electricity generation accounts for 24% of New York State’s greenhouse gas emissions. Save money, live more comfortably, and reduce your dependence on dirty fuels by generating energy at your home or business or in your community from cleaner resources. Moreover, using cleaner energy sources reduces harmful emissions which improve public health while taking action on climate.

Solar Energy

Lower your energy bills with emissions-free power generated on your rooftop or at a community solar array. Solar’s benefits are year-round, so there’s no better time to go solar.


Combined Heat and Power

Save money and conserve energy by putting wasted heat from electricity production to work. Combined heat and power (CHP) systems improve fuel efficiency by using the exhaust heat that results from on-site power generation for other purposes. This combination approach is more efficient and can be more economical than traditional stand-alone heat and power generation systems.

Energy Storage

Energy storage systems such as batteries can help drive down electricity costs, integrate clean energy, and provide a stable supply during peak electric usage or operate critical systems during a grid outage.

Ground-source Heating and Cooling

Ground temperature holds steady at approximately 50° F roughly four feet beneath the earth's surface even in cooler climates. By installing ground-source heat pumps, you can harness this moderate temperature to provide heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Ground-source heat pumps use dramatically less electricity than conventional heating and cooling systems, reduce reliance on dirty fuels and emissions, while improving the comfort of your home.

Wind Power

Harnessing wind energy can reduce energy costs, improve your carbon footprint, and help make the grid more reliable.


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Energy Storage in New York State

Engages individuals and organizations involved in building, installing, integrating, or researching energy storage technology.

Advanced Buildings Program

Develops energy-efficient, building-related technology, including next-generation HVAC and smart building technologies, and business models for residential, multifamily, and commercial buildings.


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