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Communities & Governments

Working together for a better energy future

Communities all over New York State are joining together to save energy and grow the economy. Taking action together connects people.

Communities Taking Action

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Communities are coming together to support energy efficiency and renewable energy, creating a cleaner future for today and generations to come. The Clean Energy Communities program is inspiring cities and towns to undertake energy-related initiatives and improve the energy efficiency of their buildings, reduce long-term energy costs, and strengthen the local economy. Demonstrate leadership in your town by applying to become a designated Clean Energy Community.

Go solar

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Local governments, schools, and organizations are leading the way and demonstrating the value of going solar. Community Solar and K-Solar bring together communities and schools to realize the benefits of group purchasing and education.

Local solutions to power your community

Microgrids help communities reduce costs, promote clean energy, and make the electric grid stronger and more reliable. Microgrids are local energy networks that are able to separate from the electrical grid during extreme weather events, allowing them to continue to provide power to residents and important operators such as hospitals and first responders.

Getting around your neighborhood

Riders took 3.5 billion trips on public transit in New York State in 2013—more than any other state in the nation. Population growth, traffic congestion, and air pollution are some of the toughest transportation-related challenges facing many communities in New York State. Local government and community programs are working to provide you with smarter, cleaner transportation options.

Complying with codes

Recent studies suggest that compliance with Energy Code for buildings can be greatly improved statewide. Because buildings represent roughly 60% of New York’s total energy consumption, there is significant opportunity for energy savings.


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