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Benefits of RTEM

RTEM is a cutting-edge technology that continuously sends your site’s live and historical performance data to an advanced cloud-based or on-site system. RTEM technologies analyze that data and recommend actionable insights, resulting in lower operating and utility costs, and a smarter building with greater comfort, appeal and marketability. For industrial customers, RTEM helps improve the bottom line by limiting energy consumption while maintaining productivity.

RTEM helps you transform the way you manage, consume and buy energy. NYSERDA will cost share up to 30% of your overall RTEM project expenses and provide the tools and support you need to reap the benefits of building performance optimization. Commercial and multifamily buildings can save up to 15% to 30% a year on energy.

How do I get started?

Have a question about how RTEM can benefit your building or facility? Please fill out this form and our RTEM Advisor will contact you.

If you’re ready to move forward with an RTEM project, connect with a NYSERDA-qualified RTEM vendor.

For more detailed information on RTEM, including videos, case studies, and more, visit our Resource Center.