New York Offshore Wind Master Plan

NYSERDA, working with other State agencies, is currently producing the Offshore Wind Master Plan to ensure that offshore wind in New York is developed in the most responsible and cost-effective manner possible. The Master Plan will identify potential offshore wind sites that meet the State’s siting standards and take into consideration environmental, maritime, economic, and social issues. As part of the Master Plan process, NYSERDA is conducting over 20 studies and surveys and reaching out to residents and interested stakeholder groups to weigh in regularly on the Master Plan. NYSERDA will publish the results of the studies, surveys, and stakeholder outreach on this site. The full Offshore Wind Master Plan, which will include all previously published findings, will be published by the end of 2017.

The Offshore Study Area

The Master Plan covers 16,740 square miles of ocean called the Offshore Study Area. The Offshore Study Area covers the southern shore of New York City and Long Island to the continental shelf, roughly 120 miles from out to sea. Only 2 percent of this area is needed to achieve the State’s goal of 2.4 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind.

Offshore wind map showing the study area off the Long Island coast expanding past the state/federal boundary, the territorial seas boundary, and South East past the 60 meter deep contour lines. It is between the US Wind Lease and DONG Energy Lease Area off the coast of New Jersey and the DONG Energy Lease area and Offshore MegaWatt Lease area directly East of Long Island.