Megawatt (MW) Block Dashboards

The NY-Sun Incentive Program establishes incentives based on a Megawatt (MW) Block structure that is designed to provide certainty and transparency to the solar industry and their customers regarding incentive levels. The structure provides a clear signal to the industry that New York State intends to eliminate cash incentives in a reasonable timeframe, and allow for the elimination of those incentives sooner in regions where market conditions can support it, based on market penetration, demand, and payback.

The MW block approach allocates megawatt targets to specific regions of the State, breaks those targets into blocks, and assigns incentives per block. Incentives are awarded based on the block in affect at the time of submission. Once all blocks within a region/sector are fully subscribed, the incentive is no longer available to that region/sector.

The program is divided into geographic regions: PSEG Long Island, Con Edison, and Upstate. Each region is then divided across the following sectors:

  • Residential systems up to 25 kW
  • Small Commercial systems up to 200 kW in Upstate and ConEd regions
  • Small Commercial systems up to 500 kW in PSEG-Long Island region
  • Commercial and Industrial systems larger than 200 kW (not including PSEG-LI customers)


The MW Block Dashboards provide real time information on the status of each block and current incentive levels by sector and region.

There are two MW Block Dashboards.

  • Residential and Small Commercial – tracks systems up to 200 kW in Upstate and ConEd region and up to 500 kW in PSEG Long Island region.
  • Commercial and Industrial – tracks systems greater than 200kW (not including PSEG-LI customers). Incentives are also available for municipalities, depending on the utility they reside in.

Find a Participating Contractor

The Program relies on contractors and builders to implement new solar electric systems for customers seeking incentives. Incentives are only available for new solar electric systems designed and installed by participating contractors. Incentives will be provided directly to the contractor of record for the project, not to the customer or builder. The contractor or builder prepares and submits all required project application documents to NYSERDA. Find a participating contractor.