Clean Heating and Cooling Communities

This program is aimed at getting groups of homes and businesses in New York State to install clean heating and cooling (CH&C) technologies. CH&C technologies like ground-source and air-source heat pumps, solar heating and cooling, and biomass can help lower energy bills and reduce emissions of harmful greenhouse gases while making homes and businesses more comfortable.

NYSERDA is supporting communities in implementing multi-year community-based outreach and education campaigns.

Building on the success of community campaigns like Solarize, NYSERDA is tapping into the power of communities to increase consumer awareness of CH&C technologies and their benefits, help reduce installation costs, and jump-start the CH&C market.

Who is Eligible

Community-based organizations (CBOs) and local governments representing a county, city, town, borough, or region with at least 40,000 residents can apply.


NYSERDA will work with CBOs and local governments to help communities:

  • Increase consumer awareness of CH&C technologies
  • Reduce costs associated with the purchase and installation of CH&C projects
  • Increase local adoption of CH&C technologies
  • Grow the available workforce trained on installations
  • Increase participation of low- to moderate- income (LMI) households

Proposal Deadline

Proposals due January 17, 2018 by 5:00 PM Eastern Time.


For full details on this program, review all documents associated with the Clean Heating and Cooling Community Campaigns PON 3723.