Clean Energy Workforce Development

NYSERDA's Workforce Development team aims to help New York businesses prepare for the low-carbon economy. These initiatives help employers lower the costs of professional development that focuses on reducing energy use, carbon emissions, and operational costs, while providing staff with some of the skills and training needed for the modern workplace.

Benefits to Your Company

Clean energy-focused workforce development can have impacts beyond lower energy costs and fewer emissions. By honing their employees’ technical skills and reducing facilities’ energy use, businesses can reduce downtime, increase staff’s certifications, and support retention and opportunities for advancement.

Building owners and managers may also see the benefits of workforce development on tenant satisfaction: higher skilled employees in energy efficient buildings can help increase occupant comfort, reduce complaints, and decrease tenant turnover.

Learn More

If your company is working on training curriculum development, coaching/mentorship, apprenticeships, or train-the-trainer workshops around energy, NYSERDA’s Workforce Development team may be able to help. See the available funding opportunities to the left or contact for more information.