Energize NY Finance

Energize NY Finance allows property owners to pay back the cost of clean energy upgrades to their commercial or non-profit property through a special charge on their property tax bill.

Fact Sheet [PDF]
This fact sheet provides a brief description of the Energize NY Finance action along with the benefits communities can expect to achieve. 

Step-by-Step Guidance [PDF]
The slide presentation provides an overview of the Clean Energy Communities Program as well as a detailed description and step-by-step guidance for implementing Energize NY Finance action.

Energize NY Finance Enabling Legislation [DOCX]
Developed by the Energy Improvement Corporation (EIC), this legislation establishes a program that will allow the Energy Improvement Corporation to make funds available to qualified property owners for clean energy improvements.

Energy Improvement Corporation (EIC) Municipal Agreement [DOCX]
Developed by EIC, this agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which the Energize NY Finance program will operate.

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