Wind Installers

Eligible installers have been selected based on their experience installing wind systems, training, education, and recommendations from past customers. Installer performance will be continually monitored through inspections, customer feedback, and ability to meet all program terms and conditions.

To apply for status as an Eligible Installer, an individual must complete and submit Attachment F - Installer Eligibility Application Form [PDF] along with the required supporting documentation. An applicant’s eligibility will be determined and maintained for specific wind turbines depending on the types of wind energy systems the applicant has experience installing. Attachment K - Manufacturer Authorization Letter [PDF] must also be completed; this letter stipulates that the installer is authorized to install the specified turbine and that the manufacturer will honor the NYSERDA required warranty, as stated in Attachment C - Addendum to Customer Purchase Agreement [PDF] , in the event of a default by the installer.

The current list of Eligible Installers can be found at: