Solar Guidebook for Local Governments

Solar Guidebook Cover

NY-Sun designed the Solar Guidebook to help local governments prepare for and develop their local solar economies. These resources include information that empowers New York communities to create and plan for their clean energy future. Communities can download the Guidebook in its entirety or in sections.

Download: NY-Sun Solar Guidebook for Local Governments in New York State [PDF]

Local governments can access free training and technical assistance on any of the topics in the Guidebook. For technical assistance on the Guidebook and other topics, submit a request to our PV Trainers Network.

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New York State Unified Solar Permit

This permit and usage guide includes instructions to help local government officials understand and streamline the solar permitting and inspection process while ensuring efficiency, transparency, and safety.

Permitting and Inspection Tools

Additional Resources

Local governments that adopt the Unified Solar Permit are eligible for up to $5,000 through NYSERDA’s Streamlined Permitting PV incentive to implement the new procedures. For more information , please contact a Clean Energy Communities Coordinator at

Roof Top Access and Ventilation Requirements

This document will help clarify the 2015 International Residential Code and errata amendments as adopted by New York State.

Understanding the Real Property Tax Law Section § 487

This fact sheet highlights important information for local governments considering opting out of RPTL § 487.

Solar Installations in Agricultural Districts

This fact sheet is meant to help municipalities navigate the potential impacts of siting solar photovoltaics in agricultural districts.

Landowner Considerations for Solar Land Leases

This fact sheet is meant to help landowners identify key questions and potential impacts of leasing land for solar projects.

Decommissioning of Solar

This fact sheet provides information to local governments and landowners on the decommissioning of large-scale solar panel systems.

Additional Resources

This section contains additional information on land use planning and solar energy law.