Incentives for Data Centers Through the Industrial Process and Efficiency Program

Energy efficiency has the ability to help organizations become more economically competitive by reducing their operating costs while simultaneously lessening their environmental impact. NYSERDA's Industrial and Process Efficiency (IPE) program offers performance based incentives to help data center owners and operators offset the cost of investments in energy efficiency and IT productivity projects in their data centers.


Incentive Type Utility Upstate Downstate
Process and Energy Efficiency Electric $0.10/kWh $0.16/kWh
Fossil Fuel

Operational & Maintenance (O&M) Electric $0.04/kWh
Fossil Fuel
Minimum Incentive All Projects $25,000
Maximum Incentive All Projects 50% Project Cost;
$2 million/Company
Electric $1 million/Project
Fossil Fuel $500,000/Project

Examples of energy savings projects that may be implemented through these programs include, but are not limited to:

Facilities IT
Air Flow Management Server Consolidation and Virtualization
Cooling System Optimization Energy Efficient Servers
Use of Waste Heat Desktop Virtualization
UPS System Upgrades Storage Consolidation

NYSERDA also assists data center owners and operators through the following NYSERDA programs:

Flexible Technical Assistance:
Provides cost sharing to conduct energy studies, perform computational fluid dynamics and other airflow studies, develop energy and IT master plans, catalog existing servers and applications, support lean assessments and evaluate IT system improvements.

Get Started

The IPE team will work with you to identify projects, visit your site, meet with your team and assist with the application process.

To begin working with a member of the IPE Team, call 1-866-NYSERDA, email, or start the application process.

Outreach Contractors

NYSERDA Data Center Outreach Contractors to assist data centers with the IPE Program.

Con Edison and NYSERDA Data Center Partnership

The Data Center Efficiency Program is a powerful partnership to help data center customers in the Con Edison service territory reduce their energy usage, save on operating costs and cut greenhouse gas emissions through more efficient use of electricity. Under this initiative, Con Edison and NYSERDA work together to provide data centers with individualized and targeted technical assistance as well as funding for energy efficiency initiatives that will generate energy savings.

To participate in the program, data centers can call 1-866-NYSERDA or email