Personal Transportation

Making your trips more sustainable

Woman Driving a Car

Doing errands, visiting friends and relatives, and taking the kids to school all require travel. The energy and emissions associated with both short and long trips add up. The transportation sector accounts for nearly 40% of New York State’s greenhouse gas emissions, so it has an important impact on energy consumption, the environment, and your health and comfort. No matter how you typically get around town, here’s how your transportation choices can help protect the environment.

Drive greener

Get the most mileage out of every trip no matter what you drive by keeping your tires properly inflated and driving sensibly—avoid speeding, rapid acceleration, and quick braking. Consider switching to a vehicle powered by an alternative fuel or electricity, such as hybrids, electric vehicles, or plug-in hybrids, which helps reduce air emissions and your carbon footprint.

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Stretch your gasoline dollar by improving fuel efficiency: try replacing clogged air filters, using the manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil, and replacing spark plugs and wires.

Switch to electric vehicles

Consider vehicles powered by electricity, such as hybrids, electric vehicles, or plug-in hybrids, which help reduce air emissions and your carbon footprint. Electric drive vehicles (EVs) cost up to 70% less to operate than gas-powered vehicles. Hundreds of public charging stations are available across New York State.

Share your ride

Bus at an intersection

Take public transit or join a carpool or vanpool. You’ll cut your carbon emissions by 20 pounds per day, or more than 4,800 pounds per year. Using rideshare websites and apps can help you find other riders with similar destinations, and you can save around 40 percent on the cost of your ride.

Walk or bike

Bikers pedaling

Fresh air and exercise are the promises of walking or biking. Plus, walking or biking helps reduce pollution and traffic from vehicles and is less expensive than other modes of transportation. These options work well if your travel distance is manageable.