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Solar Thermal (Hot Water)


Solar hot water is a renewable power alternative that relies on the sun’s heat energy to produce hot water for homes and businesses. It uses roof-mounted solar collectors to heat cold water. When the water is hot enough and ready to use, pipes transport the water back to your hot water tank. And if your solar hot water (solar thermal) system cannot keep up with the heat demand, a simple, automatic control system enables your conventional water heater to provide supplemental hot water.

Solar energy is a very real and effective solution for homeowners and business owners who live in northern climates. A solar hot water system works when the sun is out — even on cloudy days. Depending on the cost of energy, the amount of sunlight and your typical hot water usage, solar hot water can be a very affordable power source. In fact, in a typical residential installation, electric hot water system users can save as much as 2,800 kilowatt-hours annually, or up to 20 percent on their electric bill.

When you consider all the financial and environmental benefits, it’s easy to see how a solar hot water system provides an affordable way to reduce your energy bill and your carbon footprint.