Sensor That Makes Smartphones "Smarter" Wins Global Design Competition

Sensorcon - Buffalo, NY

September 25, 2012

Sensorcon has been awarded first place finish in the 2012 "Create the Future" Design Contest. The startup company in Buffalo, NY, won the contest with their new invention, the Sensordrone, a device that has the potential to dramatically extend the sensing capability of smart phones and tablets. The Sensordrone Tricorder Platform for Consumers and Mobile Device Developers is a key fob-sized device that includes multiple environmental sensors that enable consumers to run a variety of Apps -- from carbon monoxide monitoring to breath alcohol testing. For mobile device developers, it offers an open platform to create new low-cost sensor applications, both for entertainment and more serious applications such as medical sensors.

Sensorcon has received $287,000 from NYSERDA to support its product development efforts for wireless gas sensors for HVAC controls.

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150 North Airport Drive
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