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31% of total energy use in typical college or university classroom buildings goes to lighting. 28% accounts for heating. With U.S. colleges and universities spending an average of $1.10 per square foot on electricity, those systems are great places to start saving money.

Go to the head-of-the-class with energy efficiency

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Energy efficiency paves the way for higher achievements. Like small cities, campuses include everything from classrooms, offices, and laboratory facilities to restaurants, sports arenas, and residential housing. Energy efficiency can improve student, faculty, and staff comfort while reducing operating expenses.... MORE
It also creates better learning environments, which can boost student performance, overall innovation, and staff retention.

Teach by example

Investing in clean energy on campus reduces your energy bills while educating the community about renewable energy options. Depending on its location, your campus could take advantage of solar, wind, biomass, and/or geothermal resources in addition to energy efficiency.

Start a career in clean energy

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New York State has clean energy training programs for a range of skill sets — from entry-level workers joining the renewable energy, energy efficiency, and emerging technology sectors to seasoned professionals looking to sharpen their technical skills and move up the career ladder.