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Commercial Transportation


Help your business go places

Transportation is a critical component to doing business. It helps drive the development of innovative solutions to get people and products where they need to go safely and efficiently. Whether transportation is your business or is just an element of it, making transportation more energy-efficient can save you money.

Transition your fleet vehicles

Truck charging at a charging station

Your commercial truck or bus fleet will be cleaner, more efficient, and cost-effective with an alternative fuel and will help improve air quality, increase fuel independence, and protect the environment.

Charging stations are electric

Electric Vehicles Charging

Electric vehicles are good for business. They save you some green, and are more environmentally friendly than petroleum-fueled vehicles. Hundreds of electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid charging stations are being installed across the New York State, making it easier than ever for businesses and their employees to go electric, save money, and help build the State’s green economy.

Partner for transportation innovation

Got an idea that would enhance mobility, improve efficiency, reduce congestion, and diversify fuel options for businesses? Collaborate with stakeholders working to remove barriers and get innovative transportation solutions into the market.


See It in Action


Ecovative Uses Sustainable, Veggie-Based Foams in Car Components

The New York materials development company created and markets a vegetable-based product that could replace traditional petroleum-based foams used to produce vehicle door panels and insulation.


Download: Ecovative story   ( PDF 1.3 MB )