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RetrofitNY Pledge


Pledge Progress

Total number of building owners and their portfolios that have pledged to install cost effective carbon neutral retrofit solutions.







Market Potential

Total amount of existing multifamily housing in NY State available that could implement the RetrofitNY approach.

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1 to 3 Story

gross sq.ft.

4 to 7 story

gross sq.ft.

Join the movement and be a leader in advocating for lower cost, higher performance building solution

The Pledge is a formal call to action to help motivate manufacturers to make low-cost, high-performance building solutions more affordable and accessible. The Pledge enables building owners to use their collective buying power, at no risk to themselves, to compel manufacturers to introduce new retrofit solutions into the market.

RetrofitNY is modeled on the Netherlands "Energiesprong" initiative, which was successful in reducing costs by nearly 60% using this aggregated demand approach. Interest from building owners demonstrated an opportunity at scale for manufacturers, helping to drive down costs. The RetrofitNY Pledge allows building owners to come together and leverage their purchasing power to affect market change in New York State and beyond.

By signing, building owners are pledging to install cost effective carbon neutral retrofit solutions when they become available, if they meet their stated goals and align with their renovation scope and financing plans. It is a non-binding commitment, and signatories are not at any risk should circumstances change.

Benefits for Building Owners that Sign the Pledge

  • Increased ability to address current and future costs and risks of building ownership: The costs of owning and operating properties can be unpredictable and significant, including increased insurance premiums, rising energy costs, surprise maintenance expenses, rising air quality and health concerns, and frequent tenant turnover. Mitigate these risks by advocating for building solutions that make energy costs more predictable, boost tenant health, comfort and satisfaction, and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Demonstrated commitment to driving positive change: Send a signal to the industry and to building tenants that as a building owner, you care about the sustainability and the well-being of building residents and also want to be one of the first to know when these solutions are available.
  • Be seen as a leader among building owners: Have your name associated with other leading owners in New York State and beyond who are also working to move the market toward the adoption of innovative building solutions that meet the demands for cleaner, healthier, energy efficient, and more comfortable buildings.

Join the Movement

Let us know if you are interested in learning more or signing the Pledge by contacting us at [email protected]. The RetrofitNY team will provide a consultation for building owners looking to add their name to the Pledge.