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Solution Providers


 RetrofitNY is looking for solution providers that can develop:

  • A new business model to deliver whole building energy retrofit solutions to building owners. RetrofitNY is seeking to initiate the creation of entities that provide a multi-functional approach to coordinate with the component manufacturers for building technologies, including envelope systems, integrated mechanical systems, and energy monitoring systems. The business model should optimize and streamline the entire project delivery while providing significant cost compression.

If you are interested in leading the charge to revolutionize building retrofits by becoming a Solution Provider for the RetrofitNY program, visit our Solution Provider Request for Qualification page to learn how.

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NYSERDA plans to engage and support industry teams to develop the key technologies and processes outlined above through various Program Opportunity Notices and other solicitations.

Why Consider RetrofitNY?

In New York State alone, carbon neutral retrofits for 1- to 7-story multifamily residential buildings have a market potential of $100 billion, and this market is continuously growing with ambitious climate goals and limits on building carbon emissions.

This expanding market is a great opportunity for Solution Providers who are looking to enter the carbon neutral retrofit space. RetrofitNY is building a network of component manufacturers, solution providers, and building owners to make it easier to enter this market. By working directly with manufacturers and building owners, Solution Providers are able to deliver new products and services that address unmet needs of building owners, and a business model with efficiencies that are currently unavailable to competitors.

When you apply to the Request for Qualifications (RFQL) , candidates that are qualified will be able to participate in carbon neutral demonstration projects and be eligible to apply for gap funding when they form a project team with other prequalified candidates.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact the RetrofitNY team if you are interested in learning more.

Benefits for Solutions Providers & Manufacturers:

  • Access to a burgeoning multi-billion-dollar high-performance retrofit market
  • Financial and technical support for developing scalable energy-efficient retrofit solutions applicable to affordable housing units across New York State and beyond, with applications to market-rate renovations and new construction
  • Funding opportunities to develop new technical strategies and solutions
  • Access to NYSERDA expertise, technical and regulatory support from RetrofitNY’s industry partners, and transfer of knowledge and guidance from the successful Energiesprong program’s team members
  • Recognition as a change-maker and market disruptor standardizing the retrofit model that will become one of the default methods for affordable and market-rate renovations statewide and across the broader Northeast region
  • Collaboration and networking opportunities with early adopters in the housing, financing, and energy industries
  • Widespread exposure throughout the industry through publication and promotion of all solutions developed