Wind Energy Site Development

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) held a lease auction for New York’s first Wind Energy Area comprising 80,000 acres located about 12 nautical miles off the coast of Long Beach, New York and stretching approximately 26 nautical miles to the southeast. The Auction was held from December 15-16th, 2016. The winner of the lease auction was Statoil Wind US LLC with a bid of $42,469,725 for lease area. Statoil will now have the opportunity to explore the potential development of an offshore wind farm to provide New York City and Long Island with a significant, long-term source of renewable electricity.

NYSERDA will work with Statoil to continue to develop offshore wind as a long-term source of renewable electricity in New York State. In addition, NYSERDA will work with coastal community members, the fishing and maritime industries, environmental advocates and other stakeholders to identify additional offshore wind energy areas to be included in New York’s Offshore Wind Master Plan. The Master Plan, to be released in late 2017, will show how these additional sites may be developed responsibly and will set capacity targets and commercial planned operational dates for each site.

Site Area Map

The area in light green is where Statoil Wind US LLC will explore the potential development of an offshore wind farm.