NYS Offshore Wind Master Plan

Since 2016, New York State has been conducting research, analysis, and outreach to evaluate the potential for offshore wind energy. NYSERDA led the development of the New York State Offshore Wind Master Plan (Master Plan), a comprehensive roadmap that encourages the development of offshore wind in a manner that is sensitive to environmental, maritime, economic, and social issues while addressing market barriers and aiming to lower costs. NYSERDA conducted 20 studies and engaged with stakeholders and the public to ensure the responsible and cost-effective development of offshore wind. Specifically, the Master Plan:

  • Identified areas for potential offshore wind energy development that maximize output while minimizing conflicts (Area for Consideration)
  • Described the economic and environmental benefits of offshore wind energy development
  • Addressed mechanisms to procure offshore wind energy at the lowest cost to ratepayers
  • Analyzed costs and cost-reduction pathways
  • Recommended measures to mitigate potential impacts of offshore wind energy development
  • Identified  infrastructure requirements and assessed existing facilities
  • Identified workforce opportunities
  • Identified a process to consider offshore wind procurement options [PDF] in NYSERDA's January 2018 filing with the New York State Public Service Commission
  • Initiated the convening of four Technical Working Groups for Maritime, Jobs and Supply Chain, Commercial Fishing, and Environmental

Download the New York State Offshore Wind Master Plan: Charting a Course to 2,400 MW of Offshore Wind Energy or explore the discrete Master Plan studies/appendices: