Solar Plus Energy Storage

What happens when you bring together two cost-saving technologies? Increased savings and better return on your investment.

To date, most solar projects have been installed without the ability to store excess energy. By combining these two technologies, the energy generated by your solar arrays can be stored in batteries for later use while also:

  • Smoothing out fluctuations caused by changing weather and time of day
  • Reducing demand charges on your building’s electricity bills
  • Providing the clean energy to the grid when it is more valuable
  • Making your building’s power supply more resilient

Energy storage can complement all types of solar such as onsite panels, offsite arrays, and community solar projects. Storage can also integrate with other energy efficiency and demand-response measures within a building to increase energy savings without sacrificing occupant comfort and often provide back-up power.


NYSERDA provides an energy storage incentive in addition to the current NY-Sun solar incentive. Refer to the Energy Storage Incentive Program dashboard for current incentive levels.

Who is Eligible?

  • Small businesses
  • Large commercial and industrial businesses
  • Community solar projects
  • New solar projects applying to NY-Sun
  • Existing solar projects currently in the application process with NY-Sun
  • Must pay into System Benefits Charge (SBC) on their electric utility bill

How to Apply

To receive the Solar Plus Energy Storage incentive, you must work with a participating NY-Sun contractor. Your participating contractor will apply for the Solar Plus Energy Storage incentive on your behalf. You can find a solar contractor using our NY-Sun contractor locator map.

If you have a solar project in the NY-Sun application process, your contractor should use the project modification process, found in the NY-Sun program manuals, to add the Solar Plus Energy Storage incentive.