Tax Credit Forms for Solar Installations

Although Participating Contractors must submit paperwork related to the NY-Sun Incentive Program, residential and commercial customers are responsible for completing forms for tax credits. Popular forms and instructions are listed below.

Consult your accountant or tax advisor with any questions.


30% Federal Income Tax Credit (Residential)

25% NY State Tax Credit (Residential)


30% Federal Tax Credit (Commercial)

Commercial Depreciation Allowance

Real Property Tax Exemption

Form RP 487 from NYS Department of Taxation and Finance:

This is filed with the local property assessor. Some municipalities and School Districts have opted out and will include the value of the solar in your property tax assessment without the exemption. For a list by county of communities and school districts that have opted out go to:

New York City Real Property Tax Abatement Program

This program is available in New York City and through the NYC Department of Buildings