NY-Sun Brings Shared Solar to Your Community

Shared Solar

Shared Solar- part of the Shared Renewables Initiative (also referred to as Community Distributed Generation or CDG) provides opportunities for renters, homeowners, businesses, and municipalities to subscribe to a portion of shared renewable energy projects (in this case, solar).

Community DG Sponsors and Members

  • Interested in solar, but unable to get it at your home, business, or other property? Anyone can become a member of a Community DG project.
    • Each individual member’s share of the production appears as a credit on their monthly utility bill.
    • Any utility customer may be a member of a project in the same utility and NYISO zone.
    • You can apply to the NY-Sun Incentive Program via a NY-Sun Installer, who will help you through the application process.
  • Each project must have a sponsor who owns or operates the project, organizes the membership, and interfaces with the utility.
    • The sponsor may be the project developer, a private company, or other entity.
    • The sponsor provides the utility with a list of members and their percent allocation of the project’s net metering credits prior to interconnection and may update the list on a monthly basis.
    • Each project must have a least 10 members, and each member must be allocated at least 1,000kWh per year (not to exceed their historic average annual consumption). No more than 40% of the Community DG host’s excess generation may serve members with an average monthly peak demand of 25kW or greater.
    • Projects entering operation before May 1, 2016 must either have low income residents as at least 20% of their members, or be located within the designated Community Distributed Generation Opportunity Zones.

The terms of membership, including payment structure and provisions for exiting membership, are set by the agreement between the member and sponsor.

How shared solar works

Project Developers: NY-Sun Support and Community DG

  • Project developers can participate in NYSERDA programs for the relevant technology.
  • Solar electric projects using Community DG (also known as “Shared Solar”) may participate in either the Residential/ Small Commercial Program or the Commercial/Industrial Program, based on project size.
  • Project developers should always refer to the operating procedures of the relevant utility and the NY-Sun Program Manual when planning a project

For a full overview of Community DG rules, roles, and responsibilities for Project Developers please read: Community Distributed Generation Overview for Project Developers [PDF]

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