Comprehensive Option for Multifamily Affordable Buildings

The Comprehensive Option provides support to help you upgrade your entire building's energy performance. A Multifamily Building Solutions Provider will work with you to evaluate your building’s systems holistically, creating a customized plan aimed at giving you a minimum of 25% energy savings along with reduced energy bills. As a result, you’ll experience higher operational efficiency, greater property value, lower energy bills, and more satisfied tenants.

Incentives and Financing Opportunities

Projected Energy Savings Target Base Incentive* 
(per unit)
Performance Payment
(per unit)
Total Incentive
(per unit)
25% ‐ 30% $150 +$75/unit $225
31% ‐ 35% $300 +$175/unit $475
36%+ $500 +$325/unit $825

*Base incentive is typically paid out at 100% construction completion. Projects that use a construction manager to oversee the project, however, may qualify for a payment of one-half of the base incentive at 50% completion.

Learn more about your financing options through NYSERDA and private commercial lenders.

How It Works

  • Work with a Multifamily Building Solutions Provider (Provider) who will submit an application to the Program on your behalf
  • Your Provider conducts a building assessment, calculates projected energy savings, and works with you to develop a set of final, recommended building improvements
  • Your Provider submits your building improvements for approval by NYSERDA
  • If you hire a construction manager to oversee the project, your project will be eligible to receive one-half of the base incentive when 50 percent of the work is complete
  • If you don’t hire a construction manager, you will receive your base incentive payment when work is complete
  • You will receive your performance payment after you reach the projected energy savings target one-year following installation of your building improvements

Who Can Apply

How to Apply


For additional information on the Multifamily Comprehensive Option email us at or call 1-866-NYSERDA.

Associated Documents

The following documents provide full details about the program and how to apply: