NYStretch Code-Energy 2015

NYSERDA drafted NYStretch Code-Energy 2015—a voluntary, locally adoptable stretch energy code to reduce the environmental impact of New York buildings’ energy use. NYSERDA developed the NYStretch Code-Energy 2015 with guidance from a 25-member advisory group composed of public and private stakeholders, and subject to a 30-day public comment period that closed on March 24, 2017. Learn more about the NYStretch Code-Energy 2015 development processes:

Thank you to those who submitted comments and contributed to the NYStretch Code-Energy 2015 development process.

Current Status

Download the Draft NYStretch Code-Energy 2015 [PDF]

NYStretch Code-Energy 2015 is in final development and an imminent release date is expected. NYStretch Code-Energy 2015’s commercial and residential sections can achieve an estimated 9-13% and 14% better than state Energy Code minimum, respectively. Additionally, NYSERDA is developing a toolkit and informational webinars to support adoption.

NYStretch Code-Energy 2015 Goals

The goals for this effort are to produce a stretch code that:

  • Is readily adoptable with minimal changes by local governments
  • Is in enforceable language
  • Is coordinated with the New York State Uniform and Energy Codes
  • Is about a cycle ahead of the current New York State Energy Code in its requirements
  • Lowers energy use and greenhouse gas emissions associated with new and existing buildings
  • Is cost-effective and regionally appropriate

Voluntary Stretch Energy Codes

A building codes strategy that allows local governments and communities to implement a more stringent energy code and:

  • Lower buildings’ operating costs
  • Increase occupant comfort
  • Improve buildings’ resiliency during power disruptions
  • Reduce buildings’ environmental impact

Voluntary stretch codes are permitted by law in New York State, as more restrictive local standards.


Have questions on NYStretch Code-Energy 2015? Contact Marilyn Dare at Marilyn.dare@nyserda.ny.gov or 518-862-1090 x3348.