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Community Energy Engagement Program

NYSERDA’s Community Energy Engagement program seeks local organizations to help build awareness around diverse funding opportunities available for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The program will focus on connecting underserved communities across New York State to these cost-saving opportunities.

How It Works

NYSERDA will award up to ten contracts to organizations covering each of the ten New York economic development regions. These organizations will deploy trusted, local Community Energy Advisers who engage with residents, small businesses, and multifamily building owners on how to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Community energy advisers will work with New Yorkers of all income levels, but will focus especially on low-to-moderate income households and communities.

Through their engagement activities, Community Energy Advisers will

  • Help households and businesses reduce their energy consumption and energy costs
  • Enable informed energy decisions
  • Build awareness of financing options for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and products
  • Increase local participation in energy efficiency and renewable energy programs and services
  • Facilitate the successful completion of clean energy projects
  • Form strong relationships with energy contractors who leverage multiple funding sources when implementing clean energy projects

To help build compelling stories around their success, NYSERDA will ask Community Energy Advisers to submit reports and case studies on their efforts periodically. Community Energy Advisers should expect to start local engagement starting Fall 2017.


Community Energy Advisers will work directly with New Yorkers to reduce their energy use and greenhouse gases. By engaging directly with residents, small business, and multifamily building owners, Community Energy Advisers will help increase energy literacy and local understanding of the value of clean energy and reduced energy use. The face-to-face approach and focus on low-to-moderate income residents and communities will ensure the Community Energy Engagement program makes the greatest impact.

Who Can Apply

NYSERDA encourages locally based organizations and/or constituency-based organizations with strong community ties in their region to apply. Successful organizations will already be well-positioned to engage the local communities to influence and drive clean energy actions of residents, small business, multifamily building owners, and other stakeholders. NYSERDA also encourages organizations to partner on the program proposal and implementation.

NYSERDA previously issued this solicitation in May 2017 and is in the process of executing contracts for eight of the Economic Development Regions. NYSERDA is re-issuing this solicitation in the Mid-Hudson and North Country regions only. Read the full program requirements, including eligibility, in Section III of the Community Energy Engagement Program Funding Opportunity.

How to Apply

Electronic submission is preferred and organizations should submit a proposal in the format as outlined in Section IV of the Community Energy Engagement Program Funding Opportunity.

An informational webinar for potential applicants to learn more about the opportunity will be held on May 9, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. The recording of the webinar can be accessed here.


Proposals are due to NYSERDA by October 10, 2017 5:00 p.m.


Jessica Waldorf
Project Manager