Program Closed

PON 2828 Anaerobic Digester Gas-to-Electricity is closed

NYSERDA may re-open and add additional funds to this Program Opportunity Notice (PON) should they become available.

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Anaerobic Digester Gas-to-Electricity Program

Approximately $4 million in funding from the Clean Energy Fund (CEF) was available in 2016 to support the installation and operation of Anaerobic Digester Gas (ADG)-to-Electricity Systems in New York State.


ADG systems generate electricity at the same location that it is used. They are fueled by gas from digestion of biomass feedstocks such as manure, agricultural waste, food waste, and other wastes. ADG is a renewable energy source that can also reduce costs for a facility by using waste materials as fuel.

Contact for Technical Assistance

Tom Fiesinger
518-862-1090 x3218

Stephen Hoyt
518-862-1090 x3587