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Demonstration of New Business Models, Marketplace Development and Refurbishment of Existing Qualified Historically Farm-Related Anaerobic Digester Gas-to-Electricity Systems

When organic materials such as manure, agricultural waste, food waste, and other wastes breakdown in the absence of oxygen—a process called anaerobic digestion —they produce an energy-rich gas called anaerobic digester gas (ADG) or biogas. Anaerobic digestion processes can reduce methane emissions from organic wastes in addition to producing renewable energy from ADG. Facilities with ADG systems can reduce their energy costs and emissions by generating and using electricity onsite or produce vehicle fuel from what would otherwise be waste.

NYSERDA’s Program Opportunity Notice 3739 seeks to encourage self-sustaining marketplace for ADG in New York by helping demonstrate new business models. Additionally, the program will encourage the development of scalable projects while aiming to decrease costs and risks associated with external factors like food waste tipping fees or milk prices (for farm projects). The program will also seek to support the current ADG marketplace by offering funding to owners of existing historically farm-related anaerobic digestion projects to cost-share refurbishment of those projects for continued long-term operation.

How it Works

Approximately $7.75 million is available for projects that demonstrate replicable business models or strategies for the anaerobic digester technology projects that reduce costs and risks and/or increase revenues. $250,000 is available to support development of informational materials and, where appropriate, to provide training, guidance, and other coaching support. Approximately $8 million in funding will also be available to support refurbishment of existing historically farm-related ADG-to-electricity systems that achieved commercial operation before January 1, 2015.

Who can Apply?

Proposed new projects must be interconnected to the grid and the interconnected power generation system must be located at a host site that pays the System Benefits Charge on electric bills. Proposed projects must consist of commercially available technologies. Owners of existing historically farm-related anaerobic digestion projects may be eligible for funding to refurbish those projects.

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