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Home Energy Savings Program


The Home Energy Savings Program, a pay for performance initiative, is an innovative collaboration between the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), New York utilities, energy efficiency service providers, and other supporting partners designed to transform investments in energy efficiency . Unlike traditional energy efficiency programs that use measure-specific rebates and incentives, this initiative compensates service providers, over time, for measured energy savings accruing from a large portfolio of one- to four-family homes that undergo energy efficiency upgrades. This flexible approach will allow service providers to comprehensively meet customers’ energy needs, achieve large-scale savings, attract new investment, and foster longer-term relationships, which can result in additional energy efficiency investments.

How it Works

NYSERDA and a utility partner will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) to competitively select one or more service providers, referred to as portfolio managers, to implement energy efficiency solutions, either themselves and/or with subcontractors. Portfolio managers can achieve energy savings goals by offering a range of energy efficiency improvements and establishing relationships to re-engage with participating customers. The goal is to increase the likelihood of continued savings, opening new options for testing different approaches and business models. Selected portfolio managers will have to access to customer targeting and marketing resources intended to help portfolio managers identify, connect with, and serve potential customers.

Participating customers’ energy savings are measured and aggregated on an ongoing basis to calculate the portfolio manager’s performance payments. The Program will use the CalTRACK methodology to calculate energy savings via an Advanced Measurement and Verification platform. After an initial intervention with the customer, portfolio managers will have access to individual customer and aggregated portfolio data, providing analytics and insights into realized savings and opportunities.

Current Opportunities

NYSERDA and National Grid have issued an RFP seeking portfolio managers to provide energy efficiency services to one- to four-family homes for National Grid customers located in Onondaga, Oswego, and Oneida counties.

NYSERDA made approximately $6 million from the Clean Energy Fund available for this Home Energy Savings Program RFP.

Learn more about Portfolio Managers and who can participate

How to Apply

Apply to the Home Energy Savings Program to become a Portfolio Manager

For more information about the Home Energy Savings Program, please send an email to hespnatgrid@nyserda.ny.gov.