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Remote Energy Audit Resources for Contractors and Energy Auditors


The chart below lists organizations that provide software platforms, tools and services that support the delivery of remote energy audits. This list is provided as a resource to contractors and energy auditors for consideration as they develop and implement remote energy audit strategies and techniques.

Contact Information Product Name Product Description

Apogee Interactive, Inc.
Primary Contact: Kim Johnson

Phone: 603-707-2832

E-mail: kjohnson@apogee.net

Website: www.apogee.netLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.

Energy Advisor Enterprise and Outbound Communications

Energy Advisor Enterprise is Apogee’s highly acclaimed online home energy audit and rated the energy industry's most accurate in predicting energy costs and savings.  Customers can assess their energy consumption quickly and easily, immediately discovering specific ways to reduce household energy use. 

Energy Advisor has these value-added features:

  • Simple, intuitive interface with state-of-the-art energy disaggregation helps customers understand their savings opportunities with personalized recommendations showing savings, cost as well as ease of change
  • Personalized proactive outbound communications to identify all customers who would benefit from utility programs and marketing campaigns
  • Integrated special-purpose calculators and corresponding videos let customers personalize savings estimates, promote programs, and access rebates and on-line resources.

Con Edison
Primary Contact: Dan Hochman

Phone: 888-985-7481

E-mail: partners@sealed.com

Website: coned.com/SealedLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.

Residential Weatherization Program with Sealed

Con Edison has partnered with Sealed to offer incentives to residential customers for whole home weatherization improvements and optional project financing utilizing energy savings. How contractors can participate:

1. Contractors can verify and install projects that Sealed scopes and sells remotely.

2. For qualified Con Edison customers, contractors can also offer weatherization incentives through Sealed and/or offer Sealed financing to their customers during a remote or in-home audit.

If you are interested in joining Sealed’s participating contractor list, please contact Sealed at partners@sealed.com.

Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships & ClearlyEnergy
Primary Contact: Bryan Evans

Phone: 781-860-9177 x 160

E-mail: bevans@neep.org

Website: https://neep.org/energy-estimator-%E2%80%93-powered-helix-clearlyenergyLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.

Energy Estimator- Powered by HELIX and ClearlyEnergy

Energy Estimator—powered by HELIX and ClearlyEnergy— is a user-friendly interface that leverages tax assessor data to generate a breakdown of a home’s annual energy costs. This no cost tool is available for energy professionals and homeowners to work together to refine estimates with utility bill data and information about in-home assets via a virtual audit.

With information gathered through the audit, the contractor can generate a home energy report and specific savings estimates for energy improvement projects to share with the homeowner.

With lower costs compared to traditional on-site audits, contractors can work with a greater number of homes, creating a larger pipeline of projects.

Hancock Software
Primary Contact: Danielle Amasia

Phone: 866-358-5217

E-mail: info@hancocksoftware.com

Website: www.hancocksoftware.comLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.


Hancock Software is an energy efficiency retrofit management platform that includes an offline mobile site assessment tool for full ASHREA commercial and residential energy efficiency audits.

With structured energy audit data, energy service providers can automatically feed their energy modeling and design tools via the Hancock Data Exchange API and spend their time in more rigorous energy analysis rather than manual re-entry of audit data.

Users can:

  • Streamline data collection with a guided audit of energy assets throughout the building including lighting, controls, building envelope, HVAC, natural gas, and water measures
  • Analyze potential savings of prescribed Energy Conservation Measures even while offline with no Internet connection
  • Provide real-time proposals that incorporate material costs, labor costs, margins, and incentives
  • Seamlessly create work orders, inspection audits, and certificates of installation


Primary Contact: sdr+nyserda@hover.to

Phone: +1 (888) 991-2446

E-mail: sdr+nyserda@hover.to

Website: www.hover.toLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.


The HOVER smartphone app transforms photos into fully measured 3D models and provides detailed measurement reports of all exterior building dimensions. Using HOVER Connect, contractors can receive project measurements and photos remotely by sending homeowners a text message invitation to capture 8 photos of their home. Contractors are then delivered back accurate measurements to the inch to quote and sell projects remotely. 

MyHEAT Imagery Inc.
Primary Contact: Ian Maddock

Phone: 403 803-0615

E-mail: ian@myheat.ca

Website: www.myheat.caLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.

MyHEAT HEAT Loss Platform

MyHEAT uses a turbo prop aircraft affixed with a speacilized sensor to capture thermal images of entire cities.  The resulting data is merged with GIS (Geographic Information System) data sets and our patented algorithms to produce roof-top HEAT Maps and HEAT Ratings for each residential building in a city.

MyHEAT's detailed thermal images reveal the waste heat/energy escaping from each building.  Our SaaS (Software as a Service) platform is used by various North American natural gas and electric utilities, as well as government-lead energy efficiency program operators to engage homeowners and encourage participation in efficiency rebate programs.

OptiMiser, LLC.
Primary Contact: Ryan Moore

Phone: 413-624-6204

E-mail: ryan@optimiserenergy.com

Website: http://www.optimiserenergy.com/Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.

Optimiser; OptiMiser DIY Audit

OptiMiser professional audit software is a great tool for remote audits because it's modeling approach provides the flexibility and user feedback to help auditors produce accurate reports no matter what level of detail they're able to achieve during the audit. Virtual audits are more unpredictable, but with OptiMiser, the auditor can leverage every data point they're able to collect through phone or video chat or from external sources (e.g., utility bills or assessor data) to the fullest. OptiMiser's expert system automatically trues-up models to historical usage, while age and region-specific defaults cascade through the system as you work to supplement data collection.

In addition to the professional audit software, OptiMiser provides a customer-facing DIY audit that is branded for the auditor/contractor and allows customers to participate using a short, easy to follow online survey. Each DIY audit is fed to a full physics modeling engine to provide great initial feedback to the customer and to pre-load a full-audit data set that the auditor can use later.

Oracle (Opower)
Primary Contact: Mary Sprayregen

Phone: 571-227-9761

E-mail: mary.sprayregen@oracle.com

Opower Home Energy Analysis

The Opower Home Energy Analysis (HEA) is a configurable online audit tool that utility customers can complete to receive a personalized disaggregation of their energy usage as well as energy saving tips and recommendations. The HEA data is used to provide customers with a better understanding of how they use energy.

The HEA incorporates behavioral design principles throughout to efficiently guide customers through the survey questions, resulting in average completion rates of 80%. Prior to customers starting the audit, the HEA displays information about the survey, including what the customer can expect to receive after completing.

After the customer finishes the survey, the HEA displays a breakdown of their energy use and costs by bill period or in an annual summary. Customers can select each individual energy end-use category to see what percentage of their home’s energy use it comprises, category-specific tips, and a list of what contributes to energy use for the category.

For utilities, the HEA is invaluable for gathering data about customer usage and home systems, which can then be used to promote relevant programs and build a pipeline for future retrofits.

Snugg Home, LLC
Primary Contact: Adam Stenftenagel

Phone: 720-363-1192

E-mail: adam@snugghome.com

Website: https://www.snuggpro.comLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.

Snugg Pro

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Snugg Home was founded in 2010 to streamline the delivery of energy efficiency retrofits. We provide software that helps programs meet their goals while empowering home performance professionals to grow and nurture successful businesses. Our flagship cloud-based application Snugg Pro delivers professional energy audits, real-time collaboration, and customer-centric sales proposals. This best in class energy audit software is currently used by energy auditors and contractors creating tens of thousands of projects per year in over 42 states, independently or as part of over 70 utility, government, and non-profit energy efficiency programs. It is ideally suited for performing no-contact remote energy audits.