Solicitations for Large-scale Renewables

Through its 2018 solicitation, RESRFP18-1, NYSERDA seeks to purchase Tier 1 Renewable Energy Certificates associated with electricity generated from eligible facilities that enter commercial operation on or after January 1, 2015 and on or before November 30, 2020, unless extended to November 30, 2022.

RESRFP18-1 Bid Proposals

In response to RESRFP18-1, NYSERDA recently accepted Bid Proposals from qualified projects for evaluation. Interested parties may utilize the locator map below to view Bid Proposals eligible for an award.

Map Instructions: Select an icon (sun or wind) to display a proposed project. Next, select the hyperlink under the “Link to Project Description/Details” display below the map to access an individual project summary submitted with its Bid Proposal.



*For those projects that have submitted multiple project configurations, the Bid Proposal Attachment I forms have been consolidated to show all project configurations bid to NYSERDA.

The same data is also available to view in a spreadsheet format - RESRFP18-1 Bid Propsals [CSV]

Questions or issues accessing project-specific data should be directed to

For the mobile version of this screen, please select the project bid hyper link to access the Attachment I information.

What’s Next?

NYSERDA and its evaluation team are now reviewing and scoring the Bid Proposals. Stay tuned for an announcement of the projects receiving an award later this fall. In the meantime, NYSERDA continues to work actively with communities hosting renewable projects to ensure they have the tools they need to make informed decisions regarding project development. For more information on renewable energy development and education, please contact

Host Community Bid Proposal FAQ [PDF]

Associated Documents

For RESRFP18-1 Proposers:

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RESRFP18-1 Webinar

NYSERDA hosted a webinar on this RFP and the submittal process for potential proposers on Wednesday, May 2, 2018. View the slides from the webinar [PDF].