Charge NY

New York State, through the Charge NY initiative, is helping to get more plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) on the road. PEVs run on electricity and cost less to operate because they do not require fossil fuels or produce pollution.

Charge NY aims to reach 3,000 PEV charging stations to support an expected 30,000-40,000 PEVs on the road in New York by 2018. Since the program’s inception in 2013, New York State has supported the installation of nearly 500 charging stations (bringing the statewide total to more than 1,100), revised regulations to clarify charging station ownership rules, and supported research and demonstration projects on new PEV technologies and policies.

NYSERDA, the New York Power Authority (NYPA), and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation are collaborating on this initiative. New York has been working to expand the PEV market through activities such as:

  • Implementing the multi-state Zero Emissions Vehicle Action Plan that New York helped to develop in May 2014
  • Developing best practices guides for municipal regulations of charging stations, such as permitting and zoning rules and building codes
  • Reducing regulatory obstacles that prevented parking lot owners from installing charging stations
  • Educating  residents, electricians, code inspectors, and municipal planners about PEVs and charging stations
  • Reducing the cost and increasing the convenience of alternative fuel vehicles by providing incentives such as high occupancy vehicle lane access and reduced tolls on bridges, tunnels, and the New York Thruway

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