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Become a Participating EmPower+ Contractor


NYSERDA is actively seeking well-qualified contractors to perform energy-related weatherization, repairs, and installations for households who are participating in the EmPower+ Program.

The following steps outline how to get more information and join the EmPower+ list of Participating Contractors.

1) Get More Information

The EmPower+ Program Manual Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. includes program background and in-depth application information, and the expectations of contractors enrolled in the program. Review the “How to Become a Participating Contractor” Section [PDF] to learn more about the Program works and contractor requirements. Additionally, you can request an account manager to contact you regarding participation in the EmPower+ program by emailing [email protected] and providing your company name and contact information.

2) Apply

To apply, you will need to read the current Participation Agreement in its entirety and download, complete, sign, and submit the Participation Agreement Signature Form.

Submit the completed Signature Form in accordance with the directions on the form. Along with the general information and application, include a detailed history of your company and staff experience in the energy efficiency sector, certificate of insurance, and a DBA form if applicable.

3) Complete an on-boarding interview

After submitting a completed application, a NYSERDA representative will email you within 2 weeks to set up a phone interview. The interview is an opportunity for you to discuss your services and experience, ask questions about the Program, and answer questions NYSERDA may have. 

4) Get approved and start work


Participation in EmPower+

Market Your Services

NYSERDA invests in marketing outreach throughout New York to promote our participating contractors. This helps generate leads for Participating Contractors—which come through listings on NYSERDA’s website and hotline referral database. In EmPower+, you will be able to access direct leads passed on to you from NYSERDA.

Perform Home Energy Assessments

The home energy assessment is a top-to-bottom examination of a home’s energy efficiency performance—and a cornerstone of home performance contracting. Every home performance project you complete will begin with a home energy assessment.

The home energy assessment is provided at no cost to the customer (NYSERDA pays the Participating Contractor directly), so home energy assessments are an excellent tool for promotion and sales.

Do Home Performance Work

Following the home energy assessment, EmPower+ Participating Contractors will provide their customers with an assessment report explaining the energy efficiency performance of their home. This report becomes each customer’s roadmap for moving forward with energy efficiency improvements. The Participating Contractor will develop a workscope based on the assessment findings and provide to the Program for approval. Following Program approval, the program contractor will go over the workscope with you, discuss out of pocket expenses, if any, and install the approved energy efficiency improvements.

Get Paid

Following the completion of the project, the Participating Contractor will upload any required project completion paperwork to the Program. Following a successful review of the paperwork, the Program will process payment to the participating contractor.

For any questions about joining the EmPower+ program, please email [email protected] and provide your company name and contact information. You can also reach out to a NYSERDA Clean Energy Hub, who can provide information on how the Program works.