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Strategic Energy Management Program

Strategic Energy Management (SEM) is a process of evaluating and implementing opportunities to optimize energy use at industrial and manufacturing companies. SEM is a continuous improvement approach that focuses on changing business practices to enable companies to reduce energy consumption and waste.

NYSERDA is working with companies in New York State to prove the value of incorporating SEM into their businesses. Through the Strategic Energy Management Program, NYSERDA will fund the training for 11 industrial companies. The training sessions will guide employees through the process of establishing and implementing an SEM system. Participants will learn to:

  • Measure and track energy use to help inform strategic business decisions
  • Drive managerial and corporate behavioral changes around energy
  • Develop the mechanisms to track and evaluate energy optimization efforts

How it Works

The SEM program will consist of 10 training sessions, led by an Energy Coach, over twelve months. The sessions will be a combination of in-person and web-based events. Participants will be required to identify their Energy Team members and the one or two qualified staff members who will be responsible for attending the training sessions, sharing information with the rest of the Energy Team, and leading the SEM effort at their facility.

NYSERDA will hire a consultant, or Energy Coach, to lead the training sessions. Companies interested in applying to be an Energy Coach can learn more in the Industrial Strategic Energy Management: Implementation Contractor (Energy Coach) Funding Opportunity.

To further the objective of increasing use of Strategic Energy Management at industrial facilities, companies that participate in the training must be willing to share with NYSERDA the data, results, and other lessons learned about how SEM has reduced the company’s energy usage.

The first training session is expected to start in Spring 2017.

Who Can Apply

Strategic Energy Management Program Participants

New York State industrial facilities with annual energy costs that exceed $500,000 and pay the System Benefits Charge (SBC) on utility bills.

Energy Coaches

Consulting firms with an understanding of SEM and experience providing trainings to industrial manufacturers.


NYSERDA will review applications for the Strategic Energy Management program every three weeks until the 11 participants are chosen or through May 26, 2017, whichever happens first.


Katie Dooley
Assistant Project Manager