Strategic Energy Management Program

Strategic Energy Management (SEM) is a process of evaluating existing energy management business practices and implementing opportunities to optimize energy use at industrial and manufacturing companies. SEM applies the principles of continuous improvement to energy management to create a long-term holistic approach to managing energy that fosters substantial long-term savings.

NYSERDA is working with companies in New York State to incorporate SEM into their businesses. Through the Strategic Energy Management Program, NYSERDA will fund the training for 11 industrial companies. The training sessions will guide employees through the process of establishing and implementing an SEM system. Participants will learn to:

  • Measure and track energy use to help inform strategic business decisions
  • Drive managerial and corporate behavioral changes around energy
  • Develop the mechanisms to track and evaluate energy optimization efforts

How it Works

The SEM program consists of twelve training sessions, led by an energy coach, over twelve months. The sessions are a combination of group workshops, individual training, and webinars.

Program Curriculum

Month Training Session Session Type Objective
1 Establishing an SEM Program Full-day group workshop

Introduction to SEM and how to get started at your company

How to jump start organizational change through quick wins

2 Saving Energy Full-day group workshop

Provide strategies for achieving quick wins and organizational buy-in

Explore systems basics and common opportunities for energy savings

Develop near-term technical opportunities using straight-forward concepts, processes and tools

2 Metering Toolkit Webinar

Develop skillset needed to utilize temporary data metering hardware to identify energy-saving opportunities

Introduction to energy intensity modeling

2-4 Energy Map Individual training

Learn how to increase awareness and visibility of where and how energy is consumed in participant facilities

How to prioritize energy efficiency opportunities

2-4 Treasure Hunt Individual training

Training on the treasure hunt process

Jumpstart SEM adoption through a list of actionable energy savings opportunities

5 Tracking Energy Performance Half-day group workshop

Learn to quantify the value energy efficiency activities generate as quick wins are achieved

Use customized energy intensity models and other analytical tools to assess and measure energy performance

7 Engaging Employees Half-day group workshop

Learn organizational development strategies

Learn to manage culture change through employee engagement and recognition

7-9 Employee Engagement Toolkit Webinar Learn to translate employee engagement strategies into actions for each participant
8-9 Onsite Energy Management Assessment Individual training

Explore existing energy management practices for participants

Identify strengths and weaknesses in current energy management practices, organizational barriers, and baseline performance to measure progress

Motivate leadership to address gaps

9-10 Onsite Employee Engagement Individual training The energy team receives assistance with at least one initiative from the employee engagement toolkit at their facilities
10 Making it Stick Half-day group workshop

Teach participants how to create enduring management systems

Learn from fellow participants through a series of collaborative exercises

12 Celebrating Accomplishments Half-day group workshop

Celebrate and recognize accomplishments and generate enthusiasm for continued focus on energy

Work with the energy coach to prepare a presentation of participants’ SEM story

Participants will have to identify their energy team members and the one or two qualified staff members who will be responsible for attending the training sessions, sharing information with the rest of the energy team, and leading the SEM effort at their facility.

NYSERDA is working with Vermont Energy Investment Corporation and Cascade Energy, the energy coaches for this program, to facilitate the training sessions.

To further increase the use of SEM at industrial facilities, companies that participate in the program must be willing to share with NYSERDA the data, results, and other lessons learned about how SEM has reduced the company’s energy usage.

The first training session of this cohort is expected to start in June 2018; introductory meetings with each participant will occur before then.

Who Can Apply

Only industrial facilities in New York State with annual energy costs—of all fuels—that exceed $500,000 and that contribute to the System Benefits Charge through their electric utility bills may apply to this program. In addition, energy champions must have the ability to travel to cohort meetings to receive the SEM trainings.


If you have questions or are interested in the SEM program, send an email to