Small Business and Not-for-Profit Financing

NYSERDA’s Small Commercial Energy Efficiency Program offers small business and not-for-profit organizations two low-interest loan options to finance energy efficiency projects. These financing opportunities help small businesses and not-for-profits access upfront capital to make energy efficiency upgrades in their buildings to improve their energy efficiency and lower their energy bills.

Option 1: Participation Loan

NYSERDA partners with lenders across New York State to help small businesses and not-for-profits access low-interest financing for energy efficiency improvements. NYSERDA provides 50% of a loan, up to $50,000, and the lender provides the rest of the loan.

Option 2: On-Bill Recovery Financing

NYSERDA offers low-interest On Bill Recovery Financing that makes it possible for small businesses and not-for-profits to use the savings on their energy bills to pay for their energy efficiency upgrades. Customers of the following utilities may be eligible for On Bill Recovery Financing: Central Hudson Gas and Electric, Con Edison, PSEG Long Island, New York State Electric and Gas Corporation, National Grid (upstate NY customers only), Orange and Rockland, and Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation.

Small Business and Not-For-Profit Customer

Learn more about NYSERDA’s energy efficiency financing programs and how to apply.


Learn how to work with NYSERDA to provide your small business and not-for-profit customers with access to low-interest energy efficiency financing.