Strategic Outlook

The call for action to address climate change has never been more urgent. Under Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Green New Deal, New York State is answering that call. New York has adopted a nation-leading clean energy agenda that calls for 100% clean power by 2040, and sets the State on a path to carbon neutrality across all sectors. The Green New Deal includes a cornerstone proposal that increases New York’s successful Clean Energy Standard mandate from 50 percent to 70 percent renewable electricity by 2030. To achieve these goals, New York is undertaking one of the most aggressive clean energy agendas in the nation.

As the primary clean energy agency in New York, NYSERDA leads the way in implementing the State’s clean energy policy agenda. NYSERDA works to foster the transformation of markets, pushing them to accurately value clean energy, energy efficiency, and resilience—while encouraging competition and innovation that delivers value to consumers. NYSERDA's Strategic Plan, Toward a Clean Energy Future: A Strategic Outlook 2019-2022 [PDF], summarizes long-term objectives, ongoing programmatic efforts, and strategic areas of focus for 2019-2022. It is organized around NYSERDA's mission outcomes: greenhouse gas emissions reductions, renewable energy, energy efficiency, the clean energy economy, and a resilient and distributed energy system.