Project Manager, Modeling & Analytics (#568) - Albany Office or New York City

New York State recently passed the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, the most aggressive and comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation in the country with goals to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 40% below 1990 levels by 2030 and 85% by 2025 while codifying many interim targets including reducing on-site energy use 185 Tbtu by 2025, producing 70% of the state’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030, and reaching zero carbon emissions in the electricity sector by 2040.  Achieving the ambitious goals of this landmark legislation will require a significant overhaul of New York’s energy system along with new, innovative approaches to scaling clean energy markets.       

To help deliver on its mission and achieve these nation leading goals, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) seeks a creative, self-motivated and knowledgeable individual with strong analytical skills as well as developed communications and interpersonal skills to join the Modeling and Analytics team within Energy and Environmental Analysis.

Energy and Environmental Analysis assists New York State energy policy decision-makers by identifying and evaluating policy alternatives for addressing vital public needs; quantitatively assessing the impact of energy, environmental, and economic policies and programs on the State’s citizens, businesses and environment; and helping foster informed energy planning, through forecasting energy demand and prices, and through the quantitative analysis of energy issues and policies.

Primary Responsibilities 

  • Develop and perform analysis to evaluate a range of feasible pathways to achieve New York State’s climate goals and policies, including those established by the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA)
  • Develop and perform modeling, forecasting and quantitative analyses to assess impacts of existing and potential energy and environmental policies on supply, demand, energy prices and markets, emissions, and the macro-level State economy
  • Develop methodologies and perform quantitative analyses of emerging energy and environmental issues, including development and implementation of new technologies
  • Conduct benefit-cost and macroeconomic analysis of activities related to production, delivery and use of energy, including analyses of impacts across all market participants
  • Manage external contractor teams engaged in analysis on behalf of NYSERDA as well as participate in and lead teams from NYSERDA and other State agencies to advance projects
  • Perform other responsibilities as assigned 

Minimum Qualifications

  • 3 years of experience managing and conducting energy systems analysis
  • Top-notch presentation and interpersonal skills that resonate with audiences of different backgrounds; the ability to communicate persuasively, concisely and unambiguously in speech and in writing
  • Advanced computer skills to complete analytical functions
  • Relentless work ethic and resolute integrity
  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, science, engineering, public policy, public or business administration, or a related field of analytical study
  • Advanced degree in one of the above is highly valued

Individuals should be able to demonstrate having some or all of the following skills enhanced by a willingness to learn about new issues and analytical tools:

  • Familiarity with global energy and climate change issues
  • Understanding of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission mitigation strategies and ability to think systemically to apply this understanding to economy-wide analysis
  • Understanding of economic theory and present value methodologies
  • Understanding of energy markets, including electricity and fossil fuel markets, and economic issues related to energy and environmental policy
  • Technical expertise in quantitative analysis of energy issues, efficiency programs and environmental policies; knowledge of energy efficiency and renewable energy program strategies is preferred
  • Experience working in a team environment both as a team leader and active team member
  • Experience managing complex analytical projects which engage in-house experts and staff, external consultant teams and external industry experts and stakeholders.

To Apply

To apply, please submit one file that includes both your cover letter and resume.

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