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Energy and Climate Equity Strategy


NYSERDA’s Commitment to an Inclusive Clean Energy Economy

NYSERDA recognizes the role that public policy has played in perpetuating inequities faced by historically marginalized communities while working to leverage its critical role in addressing the climate crisis, energy injustice, and the legacy of environmental racism. To meet the State’s ambitious climate and equity goals, NYSERDA is transforming its approach to advance energy and climate justice through investments in our economy and workforce that address historic inequities and improve health and resilience for all New Yorkers.

NYSERDA is working to address the challenges historically marginalized communities have faced in accessing programs and using their lived experience to inform solutions that support an inclusive clean energy transition.

With the creation of an Energy and Climate Equity team to drive NYSERDA’s Climate Equity Strategy, NYSERDA is shifting investments to reduce burden and increase benefits to frontline and historically marginalized communities while designing inclusive pathways for meaningful exchange to ensure these communities are front and center in the decisions that impact their everyday lives.

New York State Planning and Coordination for Climate Equity

Equity and climate justice are cornerstones of New York State’s policies and plans focused on advancing clean energy and combatting climate change.

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The Climate Act Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. requires that Disadvantaged Communities receive a minimum of 35 percent, with a goal of 40 percent, of the benefits from investments in clean energy and energy efficiency programs. This goal also extends to energy-related projects in housing, workforce development, pollution reduction, transportation, economic development, and low- and moderate-income energy assistance. Disadvantaged Communities were identified based on criteria established by the Climate Justice Working Group Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. to ensure that frontline and underserved communities benefit from New York’s clean energy transition.

NYSERDA has worked in tandem with representatives from historically marginalized communities to integrate climate equity in the following New York State plans and initiatives.

Equitable Community Engagement

NYSERDA is focused on shifting to initiatives that allow for deeper, more coordinated engagement and collaboration with historically marginalized communities around program planning and policy development. The initiatives below are intended to create more inclusive pathways for meaningful community input and to shift NYSERDA investment and programs to reduce burden and increase benefit to frontline communities through our clean energy initiatives and programs.

Internal Operations

NYSERDA is also integrating climate equity into internal operations and organizational culture with support from the Energy and Climate Equity team. This includes the Energy Equity Stewardship Network, a peer-to-peer learning network within NYSERDA that provides staffs with tools and resources to better understand climate equity issues and incorporate equity considerations into programs and policies. Additional examples of NYSERDA’s efforts to integrate equity across the organization include:

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