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Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) Program


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Tired of fixing equipment after unexpected breakdowns? Need a better way to justify capital improvements? Looking for actionable insights on how to make your building operate more efficiently? The next generation of smart building technology is here. Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) systems transform the way you manage, consume, and buy energy—continuously monitoring and pulling your building’s current and historical performance data into one location through a cloud-based system. This can be integrated with an on-site system.

When You Should Consider RTEM

RTEM may be good for your business or property if you are looking to:

  • Install or upgrade a building automation system
  • Identify inefficiencies that result in costly increases to energy usage
  • Stay competitive alongside the new construction market
  • Understand the true cost per sq. ft. of a building
  • Leverage cloud-based AI to strategically plan capital improvements, such as heating and cooling system upgrades
  • Effortlessly manage energy consumption on a granular level
  • Manage multiple systems and equipment from one central screen or single pane of glass
  • Diagnose faulty system equipment in real time

Learn more about RTEM Systems.

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How the Program Works

For businesses looking to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology in their multifamily buildings and commercial office buildings focused on tenant spaces, NYSERDA is offering between a 20 to 33 percent cost-share incentive for RTEM project expenses. These include hardware, installation, and three years of ongoing support from energy experts. That means that up to 33 percent of all eligible costs are covered up front, so you won’t pay full price or need to wait for rebates.

Learn more about the program for multifamily buildings.

Learn more about the program for commercial office spaces with at least two tenants - NYSERDA's RTEM + Tenants Program.

Eligibility Requirements

Businesses must fit into one of these categories:

  •  New York State multifamily buildings with five or more units, including rentals, cooperatives, and condominiums
  • Commercial office spaces with at least two tenants

Businesses must also pay into the System Benefits Charge (SBC).NYSERDA is primarily funded by state ratepayers through the System Benefits Charge (SBC ) on their electric utility bill. These funds support energy efficiency programs, research and development initiatives, low-income energy programs, and environmental disclosure activities.

Customers of the following utilities pay the SBC:

  • Central Hudson (Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation)
  • Con Edison (Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.)
  • National Fuel (National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation)
  • National Grid (Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation)
  • National Grid-Long Island (KeySpan Gas East Corporation)
  • National Grid New York (Brooklyn Union Gas Company)
  • NYSEG (New York State Electric and Gas Corporation)
  • Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.
  • RG&E (Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation)

Get Started

NYSERDA qualifies vendors who are experts in delivering the highest-quality RTEM service for your building. Our partnered vendors offer advice and support throughout the project—from installation to continued monitoring and optimization. Get started by selecting a NYSERDA-qualified RTEM vendor, view frequently asked questions about how RTEM systems work, or explore success stories of businesses that have benefited from RTEM systems.

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