Smart Grid Program

Smart grid technologies promote the modernization of the electric grid, including the use of renewable and distributed energy resources, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and lower operating costs. With a smart grid, New Yorkers will have access to a more affordable electricity and a more resilient and reliable energy system.

To further the research and development of a smarter grid, NYSERDA has provided funding for these related smart grid opportunities: Distributed Energy Resource Integration, High Performing Grid, and Future Grid. Refer to the full funding opportunity for all eligibility requirements and application information.

High Performing Grid

This funding opportunity supported the development of a high performing smart grid that:

  • Accommodates a diverse supply of clean energy generation resources
  • Enhances overall grid performance
  • Enables customers to reduce their energy costs, energy consumption, and environmental impact.

A total of $35 million was available for proposals.  This funding is part of a $116 million total investment to be allocated over the next 7 years for innovation and research projects that will modernize New York’s electricity grid.

Who Should Apply

NYSERDA welcomed proposals from individuals and organizations adept at research studies, engineering studies, product development and demonstration projects.


Rolling submissions are being accepted until:

  • Closed


Michael Razanousky at or 518-862-1090 x3245 for PON 4074

Future Grid

This funding opportunity seeks innovative solutions that solve challenge areas defined by members of the Joint Utilities of New York. The challenge areas are described in detail in the solicitation attachments.

Who Should Apply

NYSERDA welcomed proposals from organizations adept at product development and demonstration projects. Teaming is encouraged to match skillsets that meet the needs of the challenges.

Submissions are being accepted up until:

Round 1

  • Closed

Round 2

  • Closed

Round 3

  • Closed


Christopher Cheng at or 518-862-1090 x3436