Residential Existing Homes Contractor

Tap into a large and growing market for energy efficiency improvements

NYSERDA’s Residential Existing Homes program (Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® and EmPower New York) connects homeowners with contractors qualified to complete home energy efficiency upgrades. To qualify for incentives and financing, consumers are required to work with participating contractors that hold Building Performance Institute (BPI) GoldStar status.

Earning your BPI GoldStar status and participating in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR or EmPower New York program positions your business to get more work, develop long-term customer relationships and provide lasting value to every homeowner you work with.

Become a Residential Existing Homes Contractor.

Are you a homeowner?

NYSERDA has created a statewide network of partners who offer energy efficiency solutions that can help reduce your energy usage and costs. Find out the benefits of hiring certified contractors and accredited companies.