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Agriculture Energy Audit Program

NYSERDA offers technical assistance to identify energy efficiency measures for eligible farms and on-farm producers, including but not limited to: dairies, orchards, greenhouses, vegetables, vineyards, grain dryers, and poultry/egg. NYSERDA will assign Flexible Technical Assistance (FlexTech) Program Consultants to perform energy audits for eligible farms.

Who Can Apply

Farms must be customers of a New York State investor-owned electric utility and pay the System Benefits Charge (SBC). Please check your farm’s current utility bills.

How to Apply

Apply for an Agriculture Energy Audit online or download the Agriculture Energy Audit Application [PDF]

Three levels of audits are available*. Choose the best fit for your farm and include your choice in the application.

Level Audit Activities Type of Report that the Farm Receives
 1  Walk-through energy audit Summary letter with limited evaluation of feasible energy efficiency measures
 2 Detailed energy audit Energy audit report with calculated evaluations of appropriate energy efficiency measures including simple payback; meets ANSI/ASABE S612 standards
 3 Energy audit focused on specific systems, energy efficiency measures, or renewable energy System-specific energy analysis report

*$2,200,000 is available to fund audits. NYSERDA reserves the right to extend and/or adjust funding for audits should other program funding sources become available.


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