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Advanced Buildings Program

Buildings require a lot of energy to heat or cool spaces, circulate air, and operate lighting. In New York State, 60 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from these operations. And most buildings—from single-family homes to skyscrapers—will likely be around for about 100 years. Currently, 80 percent of buildings across the State were constructed before energy codes emerged in the 1970s; they were not designed to be energy efficient. Laboratories and startups are working on business models and technology to lower buildings’ emissions and energy use, but they need help getting their innovations to market. NYSERDA’s Advanced Buildings program is bridging that gap.

The current funding opportunity from the Advanced Buildings program is helping bring innovation in heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) systems into the mainstream.

NextGen HVAC Funding Opportunity

HVAC equipment uses 40 percent of a building’s energy. As a whole, HVAC systems account for 36 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions in the State. Reducing emissions from these systems will help New York reach Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s goal of a 600 TBtu increase in statewide energy efficiency from 2012 levels and overall greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030.

To tackle emissions from HVAC, NYSERDA’s Advanced Buildings program has released the Next Generation (NextGen) HVAC funding opportunity to help develop energy efficient building technologies and new business models for New York’s building industry. This funding opportunity focuses on cutting edge HVAC systems including new renewable heating and cooling systems and the integration of advanced controls.

How It Works

Over the next three years, a total of $15 million will be available for four rounds of technology challenges to encourage private investment and advance the next generation of HVAC systems for buildings.

In the first of four planned rounds of technology challenges, NYSERDA is seeking concept papers focusing on:

  • Advanced cold climate heat pumps
  • HVAC controls
  • Compressor-less HVAC innovations
  • Cost reduction solutions for ground heat exchangers

NYSERDA will review and select concept paper submissions through a competitive process. The most promising will receive a request to submit a full proposal.

Full information is available on the NextGen HVAC funding opportunity page.

Who Can Apply

Anyone can apply for the NextGen HVAC funding opportunity. NYSERDA encourages university researchers, entrepreneurs, startups and established companies that support development of new technologies and business models in buildings as well as forward-thinking building owners to apply.

How to Apply

The application and instruction on submitting a concept paper are available on the NextGen HVAC funding opportunity page.


Concept papers are due January 10, 2019.


Joseph Borowiec
518-862-1090 x3381