2018 New York Clean Energy Industry Report

New York is leading the nation in advancing clean energy technology and solutions in the fight on climate change. The State’s energy and climate policies and continued commitment to innovation have made the clean energy sector an engine for job and economic growth.

The 2018 Clean Energy Industry Report is the latest in a multi-year, longitudinal research study that analyzes data on clean energy jobs, employer needs, and existing assets in New York’s clean energy sector. Learn more by downloading the:

NYSERDA held a webinar on October 25, 2018 to provide an overview of the findings from the 2018 Clean Energy Industry Report and the next steps New York is taking to support clean energy workforce training.

over 151k

clean energy jobs in 2017 across New York State


new clean energy jobs in 2017

employers expect to hire 8,000 more in 2018

Clean Energy Employment by Technology (number of jobs, December 2017)

117,000 Energy Efficiency
1,600 Grid Modernization and Storage
22,000 Renewable Electric Power Generation
2,600 Renewable Fuels
7,800 Alternative Transportation

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