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Regional Clean Energy Hubs

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Regional Clean Energy Hubs Program

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New York State is embarking on a transition to an inclusive clean energy powered economy. All residents, businesses and communities across the State will have access to new opportunities to benefit from this transition including clean energy careers, home improvements, even rebates for businesses and personal transportation. But there’s a lot of information out there, and people may not know where to start.

To help New Yorkers access and navigate these opportunities, NYSERDA created the Regional Clean Energy Hubs. Clean Energy Hubs connect people to the clean energy economy. 

Clean Energy Hubs: An Introduction

Your Hub is a team of trusted, knowledgeable, community-based organizations in and from your region of the State. They have experience with clean energy, energy efficiency, workforce and economic development, education, health, and housing.

Hubs help and provide information to individuals, small businesses, and affordable housing owners about the benefits of the clean energy economy, ways to reduce energy use and costs, and how to make more informed energy decisions.

A hub can:

  • Describe the “clean energy economy” and what it means for communities
  • Assist with accessing job training and employment in the clean energy sector
  • Discuss a home energy assessment and why it would be useful
  • Help someone fill out an application for a free home-energy assessment
  • Show what types of energy incentives a person or business may qualify for
  • Share information about electric vehicles (EV), EV charging stations and rebates, heat pumps, solar energy, and weatherproofing
  • Find a qualified contractor to perform clean energy upgrades
  • Locate a community solar program and help residents and businesses sign up for it

And more!

Find your Clean Energy Hub!

View the list of Clean Energy Hubs and their contact information.

New York is Evolving

New York State is committed to meeting the 2019 Climate Act clean energy goals. Those goals will change how the State is powered and will translate into cleaner communities, a reduction in greenhouse gases, the creation of new sectors in the workforce, and an equitable and sustainable economy that all New Yorkers can take part in.

NYSERDA is committed to advancing energy and climate justice through investments in our economy and workforce that address historic inequities and improve health and resilience for all New Yorkers, especially historically marginalized communities.

Learn more about NYSERDA’s Commitment to an Inclusive Clean Energy Economy.